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We source the most promising projects, committed teams, and level-headed investors to participate collaboratively in a new wave of crowdfunding built with transparency at the core.

As a member of Investor Engine, seed investors diversify holdings in a new asset class, with de-risked exposure to early stage venture capital businesses.

Modern venture capital markets

Cutting edge distributed applications

New risk management algorithms


Fractional Tokenized Tradeable Equity

Today, digital asset management enables transactions in fractional or part ownership of indirect interests in underlying assets.

While smart-contract transparency allows investors to monitor the performance of funded projects to track milestones and receive pre-arranged revenue shares as the project grows.

As an investor you can see the income producing events from that project and the split you get.

Inside your Investor Engine dashboard, project performance is tracked per event, with full details inside your earnings tab, including your revenue share and payment schedule.

Projects will be vetted on the basis of competitive advantage, strong signs of customer acceptance and a clear path to scale the business for growth.

Putting it simply, you can invest in today’s cutting edge software applications that are set to disrupt every area of today’s centralized economic system and do so with full visibility of project success.

The above illustration is explained by the following three sections:

Section 1

Technologies and Projects

Web3 and distributed ledger technologies are akin to the early days of the Internet, with tomorrow’s big brands just finding their feet today, like Amazon back in 1999.

As of 2019 with the inception of Investor Engine, the pace of change through digital transformation and today’s capital markets is unprecedented.

Investor Engine begins its journey within the burgeoning Holochain ecosystem.


Holochain is an open source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications.

For developers: think of Holochain as BitTorrent + Git + Cryptographic Signatures + Peer Validation + Gossip.

“Holochain apps are versatile, resilient, scalable, and thousands of times more efficient than blockchain (no token or mining required). The purpose of Holochain is to enable humans to interact with each other by mutual-consent to a shared set of rules, without relying on any authority to dictate or unilaterally change those rules. Peer-to-peer interaction means you own and control your data, with no intermediary (e.g., Google, Facebook, Uber) collecting, selling, or losing it.”

“Data ownership also enables new frontiers of user agency, letting you do more with your data (imagine truly personal A.I., whose purpose is to serve you, rather than the corporation that created it). With the user at the center, composable and customizable applications become possible.”

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Holochain’s approach to distributed applications provides an ocean of potential opportunity for seed investors.

Compliant Tech

Investor Engine makes use of regulatory technology (regtech) — a new field within the financial industry that utilizes information technology to enhance regulatory processes. It puts a particular emphasis on regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance and is thus benefiting the finance industry.

Our focus is to help build a balanced regulatory environment for distributed applications and digital asset investors that protects individual rights, privacy, and autonomy.

Section 2

Systems and Performance

Investor Engine gives you a lens to evaluate investments in greater detail than ever before.

Seed investors gain a revenue split agreed BEFORE any investments are made.

Real-time access to query the progress of their portfolio of funded projects.

De-risk the Investor Model &
tighten scope

We de-risk the Investor Model using the Benefit Redistribution Algorithm which prescribes how benefits (including revenue, access to governance, fractal ownership of assets, etc.) are distributed to all stakeholders in a collaborative process.

Fully tracked ROI for

Yes, Investor Engine provides fully tracked ROI for crowdfunding investments in the new web3 distributed application economy with Value Flow Equations for every project — and we haven’t even shown you the tax benefits yet, available for both domestic and foreign investors.

Tax Benefits

Investor Engine offers a complimentary tax benefits structure for optional use for each project.

10% of what you invest can be off-set when it comes tax time. And if you hold your investment for 1 year and 1 day, it’s Capital Gains Tax-Free.

This is dependant on your tax status. For details, see ESVCLP tax incentives and concessions (Australian Tax Office)

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Open-Book Policy

Web3 distributed applications achieve maximum transparency and accountability with an open value network using ideas that arose out of Sensorica for Open Value Equations and Benefit Redistribution Algorithms. Value-flow is transparent in every detail, published for all to see with open-book accounting. Run the numbers yourself.

Value Flows

Value Flows is a set of common vocabularies to describe flows of economic resources of all kinds within distributed economic ecosystems.

“Purpose: to enable internetworking among many different software projects for resource planning and accounting within fractal networks of people and groups. The vocabulary will work for any kind of economic activity, but the focus is to facilitate groups experimenting with solidarity / cooperative / collaborative / small business ecosystem / commons based peer production / any transitional economies.” - Valueflo.ws

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Section 3

Foundations and Philosophy

Investor Engine’s approach to vetting, funding, and tracking projects is based on REA accounting.

Resources, Events, Agents (REA) is an accounting system adapted for the computer age originally proposed in 1982.

HoloREA Accounting

HoloREA Accounting is an implementation of REA accounting on Holochain P2P ecosystem. When most people think about accounting they think counting numbers however as the word suggests accounting is actually a system for accountability.

REA (Resources, Events, Agents) is a business process modeling ontology, closer to the business reality than any other known alternative. Unlike all other approaches, the REA model reveals why business processes occur, and provides for full traceability of all business transactions. Due to its abstraction level covering the business domain, the REA ontology is very useful in model-driven design of software applications.

Figure below illustrates the most fundamental REA concepts, which are economic resource, economic agent, economic event, commitment, and contract.

Each aspect of a system (such as a business, community project or any other creative venture) is given its own REA model to govern and track performance between stages of research, development and distribution.

Here is an example of an open value network in action,
building a 1000 3D printed phone stands.

Open Value Network

Until now, companies could not easily dismantle legacy data warehouse systems. This transition is now being made possible via startup projects within the Holochain ecosystem and funded via Investor Engine.

The REA model uses open-book accounting and has become a popular approach used in accounting information systems (AIS). Distribution is transparent in every detail, published for all to see.

REA is also recognised by The Open Group (OG) within the TOGAF® standard (an industry standard enterprise framework), as one of the modelling tools which is useful for modelling business processes.

References for interested parties wanting to deep-dive into the operational nuances of Resource Event Agent accounting:

The Team

Thomas Miller

Information Node, Biomedical Engineer, Blockchain Developer

Eduardo Moreira

Development Partner

Daniel Lew

Chief Operating Officer

Santiago del Valle

Senior Smart Contract Designer

Jonatan A. Hernández

Full Stack Developer

Alexander Romero

Front End Portal

Alix Gutiérrez

UX / UI Designer

Santiago Martinez

Back End Portal


Louis deBeer

Legal Advisor

VP of Growth


Fund Advisor

David Atkinson


Philip Beadle

Holochain Design Advisor

Anderson Tan


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